What We Do

Emergency Assistance

The Emergency Assistance program helps area residents pay their rent or utility bills in order to prevent them from becoming homeless. This is a one-time assistance. The recipient must demonstrate the ability to maintain a normal payment schedule in the future.Our Emergency Assistance Coordinator is Angel Wilson. She can be reached at 457-5794.

Emergency Shelter

Volunteer Opportunities in the Emergency Shelter include answering phones 9-5, transporting and assisting clients, and minor maintenance and repairs. The shelter is in operation 24/7, at 701 S Marion. The Emergency Shelter has the capacity to house 30 persons. Our Shelter Coordinator is Angel Wilson. She can be reached at 457-5794.

Food Pantry

Volunteers at the Food Pantry stock shelves and fill and are open Monday and Friday from 9:00 am to 11:30 am for inside distribution at the University Baptist Church, 700 S Oakland. Please wear a mask if dropping off. The Food Pantry provides canned goods and perishables to people in need. Area churches and civic organizations provide food and augment federal commodities. We also need volunteers for pick ups. Our Food Pantry Coordinator is Kathleen Gallivan. She can be reached at 457-0323.

Soup Kitchen

Opportunities in the Soup Kitchen include picking up food and helping to prepare and serve it. Meals are served at 8:00, 11:30 and 5:30, at 701 S Marion. Our Soup Kitchen provides nutritionally balanced meals served three times a day, every day of the year, to residents of the emergency shelter. We also welcome people from the community who are hungry. Our Soup Kitchen Coordinator is Aaron Barnett. He can be reached at 457-5794.

Transitional House

Some individuals staying in the Emergency Shelter are not prepared to live independently without additional basic life skills training. The Transitional House helps these people by providing support services for up to 24 months to prepare them for a smooth transition into the community. The Transitional House has the capacity to house 12 persons. Our Transitional House Coordinator is Julia McQueen. She can be reached at 457-5794.